The ProjectThe Project

Bioeconomy Austria is a lighthouse project of the national bioeconomy strategy and is funded by the Austrian Forest Fund.

10 partner organisations are building a national bioeconomy cluster by 2024.

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The Project


Our first focus is on wood as a raw material. Subsequently, the focus will be expanded to all renewable raw material sources within the bioeconomy – from arable land to water to biobased residues. By 2024, a national bioeconomy cluster will emerge from the growing network. The main goals of the project are:

Promote cooperation and networking between different actors and companies along the entire value chain of the bioeconomy.

Exploit synergies and thus cost advantages, as well as strengthen the regional economy and its cooperation

Connect the regional and thematic clusters with each other and link them with the activities of the federal government and the EU.

Promote cooperation between enterprises along common value chains and identify joint projects, especially with regard to forestry, the processing and use of renewable raw materials with a focus on wood, agricultural primary production and the circular economy.

Improve the material use of biomass, taking into account climate protection and competing land use interests.


In the course of the project, thematically oriented hubs will be established in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria. These hubs have special tasks and prepare networking-relevant topics on a regional level in such a way that they can acquire a supra-regional, and subsequently, a national dimension. Current information from the hubs and the main project partners can be found here: 

Lower Austria

Upper Austria




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What does increased networking in the wood sector mean for the environment and climate? (Federal Environment Agency) What supra-regional development potentials exist in the field of the wood-based bioeconomy? (BioBASE) In which other economic sectors of the bioeconomy does nationwide networking make the most sense? And who are the relevant actors? (Energy Agency) In order to be able to achieve the project goals, it is necessary to answer these and other questions. You can find more information here:


Awareness raising, information and communication about the project contents are coordinated by the Ecosocial Forum Austria & Europe. Basic knowledge in the field of bioeconomy is considered the basis for all networking activities. Therefore, the Centre for Bioeconomy at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna is dedicated to knowledge building in the project. Further information on the concrete activities can be found here: 

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