Think outside the box

Be it shopping bags made from bioplastics, enzyme wash vintage jeans, medicine from bioactive substances or biokerosene made from waste generated in sugar cane processing - all these products originate from the innovative building blocks of the bioeconomy. It will only be possible to overcome the challenges of our time by employing innovative process solutions, using renewable raw materials efficiently as well as linking science with economy as a completely interconnected “organism”.



Circle the square

The bioeconomy is an integral part of a future circular economy. It is geared towards reintroducing goods after use into the value cycle, thus creating a basis for the production of new commodities. Parts of goods of biogenic origin, whose material use is no longer possible, can be easily utilized energetically, without emitting additional CO2. Basically, waste avoidance, increasing the recyclability of goods, and ensuring the biodegradability of consumer goods are paramount. The bioeconomy thus provides the necessary innovations and economic solidity to realize the circular economy in which bio based materials are brought into the cycle and the complete as well as high-quality utilisation of raw materials is ensured.



Boost green Growth

The bioeconomy concerns itself with the entire value cycle from raw material to high tech product and necessitates the comprehensive integration and inter-connection of the sectors. The bioeconomy unites the various fields of science and economy, which still operate largely separately to this day. This will strengthen Austrian competitiveness and support Austria in establishing itself as a bio innovation leader. The bioeconomy strengthens the economy, increases regional value added, creates jobs and supports the step by step transformation of our economic system from a fossil based economy towards sustainable development.

What is the bioeconomy?

Step by step fossil resources will be replaced by renewable raw materials in order to provide new products, services and energy. Furthermore, waste matter is used again in the value cycle. The bioeconomy will contribute towards reducing the dependency on fossil raw materials, fostering innovation and economic development and creating new jobs.

The bioeconomy basically connects different branches to each other: industry, agriculture and forestry, waste management, science and SMEs. This facilitates the combination of ideas and offers a breeding ground for innovations. Moreover, climate change and the ever rising world population will necessitate a sustainable economy on a global scale. As an integral element in a comprehensive and resource efficient circular economy, the bioeconomy forms an important and essential cornerstone in an economic system which is viable in the future.

Austria has a long tradition and vast experience as a pioneer in sustainability, not least in the field of hydro power, which is highly valued internationally. Today we export this know-how worldwide. In the area of the bioeconomy we can position ourselves similarly well by taking on a leading role, pushing forward essential fundamental research and further developing our core competencies. By realizing the bioeconomy – as a translation of the ecosocial market economy in Austria – we are taking the decision today to be an innovation leader tomorrow.



  • Food security
  • Utilisation of the domestic raw material potential
  • Reduction in the heavy dependency on imports of fossil resources
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • New jobs with long term perspectives
  • Sustainable raw materials basis for the re-industrialisation of Europe
  • Cascading and integrative use of raw materials
  • Preservation of large parts of the value cycle in Austria.
  • Export of bio leading-edge technology and bio services



Workshop on a Bioeconomy RTI Strategy for the Danube Region

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September 9-11, 2015: Bioeconomy Austria beim International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry

Das 18. International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry (18th ISWFPC) wurde vom Department für Chemie, Abteilung für Chemie Nachwachsender Rohstoffe der BOKU veranstaltet. Zum ersten Mal fand eine der renommiertesten Konferenze...

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Who we are?

Bioeconomy Austria aims at concentrating all Austrian efforts to push and promote the national bioeconomy development process. Furthermore, Bioeconomy Austria provides a platform for coordination and capacity building to all relevant players who together advocate a worthwhile, economically fruitful and highly innovative future. Research, agriculture, forestry, the economy and industry should be closely interlinked in order to exploit as many synergies as possible, to facilitate optimum coordination and to help bring innovations in research and the lab to the market. JOIN US!