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Lower Austria

Ecoplus is a funded project partner of Bioeconomy Austria and also hub leader for the province of Lower Austria.

The ecoplus Platform for Green Transformation & Bioeconomy aims to make Lower Austria the European showcase region for bioeconomy, green transformation and circular economy in the long term. The platform acts as an information hub that disseminates acquired know-how and connects the many actors that are already active in Lower Austria today. Within the framework of research and cooperation projects, missing “pieces of the puzzle” are to be specifically researched, developed and elaborated.

One aspect of a comprehensive bioeconomy is the broadest possible use of renewable raw materials – not only for energy but also for material use. Just as in a petroleum refinery, a “biorefinery” should implement the widest possible range of transformation pathways starting from agricultural and forestry products and residues, leading to a wide variety of chemical compounds. The ecoplus Platform for Green Transformation & Bioeconomy has made it its goal to realise the concept of a biorefinery in the federal state of Lower Austria. In this way, renewable raw materials could be used even better and the added value would be kept in the region. The project responsibility for “Bioeconomy Austria” lies with ecoplus, the business agency of the province of Lower Austria, within the framework of the Platform for Green Transformation & Bioeconomy. The platform is responsible for the holistic analysis of the innovation potential of the Austrian economy in the field of the wood-based bioeconomy. This creates the basis for initiating cooperation projects between companies or RTI projects between companies and science within the actor network.

You can contact Fabian Huber from the ecoplus Platform for Green Transformation & Bioeconomy directly using the form below.

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