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htt15 – Holzbau Team Tirol – Bioeconomy Austria
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htt15 – Holzbau Team Tirol

Interest Group & Network

htt15 is the association of the most innovative Tyrolean timber construction companies and contact for architects, planners and builders. proHolz Tirol played a key role in establishing htt15 in 1999, and continues to act in a supporting role within the proHolz Tirol / Holzcluster business unit. The objective of the htt15 members is to offer customers the best possible quality and comprehensive services for implementing their building projects. In this context, htt15 Academy functions as an internal training body since 2010, and also offers professional development to all employees of the htt15 member operations.

htt15 stands for quality and innovation. htt15 Academy provides the employees of our member operations with on-going training on current issues. All of our member operations are the ideal contacts for builders and planners.

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