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Klimaaktiv: Bioeconomy

  • Austrian Energy Agency

Since 2015, the klimaaktiv program has been creating content around the topics of the bioeconomy, i.e. the replacement of fossil resources with renewable raw materials in the areas of wood building, thermal insulation, bioplastics as well as paints, varnishes and oils. klimaaktiv thus supports the development of the bioeconomy in Austria and has already worked intensively on the national bioeconomy strategy. klimaaktiv thus supports the development of the bioeconomy in Austria and has already worked intensively on the national bioeconomy strategy 2019 as well as the flagship projects of the bioeconomy in Austria 2021. Within the framework of the current program, the Austrian Energy Agency supports the BMK by providing information on the bioeconomy progress, its quantification and by organizing networking events such as the “Bioökonomie Expert:innenbeirat”, which takes place biannually. Within the framework of the Bioeconomy Austria Cluster, the Austrian Energy Agency is responsible for the following tasks based on the contents elaborated in the Bioeconomy Program:

  • Definition & prioritization of fields of action in the field of wood-based bioeconomy 
  • Evaluation of existing analysis results in joint discussion of all consortium partners to identify areas of action, which are characterized by large potentials for cross-regional, bioeconomy activities with a critical mass of network actors
  • Taking up essential results in national & international networking activities as well as integrating them into existing as well as new communication and event concepts (partner forums etc.)

Bioeconomy spans many technical, economic and social areas. With its bioeconomy strategy, the federal government has taken a major step toward a clean and sustainable future. The aim is to involve relevant interest groups in a systematic way, with networks and clusters playing an important role as associations of organizations and companies. For this reason, “klimaaktiv Bioökonomie” investigated the clusters relevant to the bioeconomy and analyzed their networks. The clusters could be assigned to different categories: Energy & Environment, Food, Transport, Materials (Materials & Packaging), Wood (Furniture, Building & Construction, Accommodation) and Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics, Informatics & Sensor Technology). The 33 identified clusters comprise about 3,000 members and about 570 connections form the bioeconomy network in Austria. In a next step, the research will be extended to sectors and research infrastructure in order to gain an even better picture of the Austrian bioeconomy network.

In addition to the general and central topics of the biobased transformation (circularity, use of renewable energy & energy efficiency), its challenges and developments towards a circular economy, the klimaaktiv program highlights in particular the use of sustainable materials and renewable resources in the area of building and renovation. In 2021, the brochure on “Moderner Holzbau” was published with current showcase examples of wood buildings that demonstrate best practice in Austria. In addition, the ninth edition of the brochure on thermal insulation materials “Dämmstoffe richtig eingesetzt” is in preparation in cooperation with “DIE UMWELTBERATUNG” Vienna and the IBO (Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und –ökologie) which will provide information on the correct use of ecologically and economically efficient, sustainable insulation materials.

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