┬ę Holzcluster Steiermark

Booming lightweight wood materials

  • HC Steiermark

An aircraft hatch made of wood? At the mobility congress of the ACstyria Mobilit├Ątscluster in Carinthia, there were a few surprised looks from the participants. Initial scepticism that wood will play a role in the future choice of materials was quickly turned into convinced nods by representatives of the CARpenTiER project. They also illustrated how the COMET project CARpenTiER is helping to make series production of the wooden components possible. At the Green Tech Innovators Club in Carinthia, exciting discussions also arose in connection with the development of bio-based lightweight materials for new products. Concrete areas of use, ideas for new applications and the elimination of prejudices against the use of wood in cars, trains or aeroplanes were central topics in the discussions with experts from the mobility industry and representatives from Weitzer Woodsolutions, the Innovationszentrum W.E.I.Z. and Holzcluster Steiermark.┬á

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