Circular economy & bioeconomy in communities

Publication of the Ecosocial Forum with practical examples & impulses for municipalities & regions

In the Ecosocial Compass “Circular Economy in the Municipality”, our project partner, the Ecosocial Forum Austria & Europe, outlines the path towards an oil-free and climate-friendly future whilst simultaneously demonstrating the immense creative power of Austrian municipalities and regions. Circular economy and bioeconomy play a central role in doing so.

This 48-page publication, published in 2021, uses 16 practical examples to illustrate what a community can gain by taking action in these areas and thus makes the topics circular economy and bioeconomy comprehensible for municipal implementers of projects.  It also demonstrates that even small initiatives can often have a big impact.

From spatial planning and land use management, construction management and regional economic cycles to the collection and utilisation of recyclable materials: numerous municipalities and regions have already taken big steps towards a circular & bio-based future and show what this can look like. This wealth of experience is an excellent foundation on which to further build.

More about the publication (german only)