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Design for Disassembly

Regional workshop using the example of wood and wood hybrid construction on 31.05.2022

  • Ecoplus
  • Business Upper Austria
  • Innovation Salzburg

Within the framework of the ARDIA-Net project, capacity building activities should enable the regions to set up supraregional cooperation projects using existing (regional) funding programmes.

For this reason, a workshop on the topic of Design for Disassembly using the example of wood and wood-hybrid construction was organised on 31 May 2022 by the project partners Business Upper Austria, ecoplus and Innovation Salzburg in order to initiate supraregional cooperation projects between Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Salzburg.


  • To network common interest partners from the three regions,
  • to identify problem(s) on the topic, to derive and develop solutions and to define partners for implementation,
  • to get to know and anchor a new method (Lego Serious Play) for forward-looking solutions & innovative ideas,
  • and to explore new ways for supra-regional problem solving and cooperation (funding) projects.

18 people from companies, research institutions and clusters of the three participating regions Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Salzburg took part in the workshop. After a short introduction of the ARDIA-Net project and the participants, Design for Disassembly and the Lego Serious Play method were explained. After the participants had worked out their individual and collective challenges and solutions, they were asked to enter their project results in the factsheet developed earlier in the project and to present these solutions.

The workshop was a first step to network interested people from the regions and to raise awareness for cross-regional cooperation projects. In addition, the practicality and the structure of the factsheet were tested in this workshop on the basis of the first project ideas developed.